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DISEO principles and hints –
what makes DISEO different from other platforms

  • Your data is yours. It is never used unless with your permission and instructions.

  • You have control over advertising. You may switch in on or off. When switched on, you earn income from advertising (when available by advertisers).

  • You can earn income from sponsoring. With your permission we may add a sponsor below your post. Then you earn as content creator. But also the clicking user earns.

  • You can earn income from other activities, for example for sharing an advertising, for recommending a brand profile, for inviting friends and more.

  • You automatically receive a revenue share of 0.1% of lifetime revenue of any person or organization that you bring to the platform through “Tell A Friend” in your menu or when you use the QR code that you find when login in with your account on diseo.me.

  • When you are more active on the platform, and increase the data in your profile you increase the quality of your feed and the ability to earn income since brands can better target you despite having no access to your data and no ability to contact you without your permission.

  • You receive income after you have received a wallet. A wallet you receive after going through “Document Verification” in your menu (if the payment partner accepts your application). There is no obligation to go through Document Verification, but with Verification you cannot receive a wallet. Without verification the value of your rating is lower than the rating of verified users.

  • Payment partners are individual financial institutions which fulwill the legal requirements to operate a wallet in your country of residence.

  • Your defaut currency is Tether (digital USD). Depending to your wallet provider, you can also exchange any amount into any other cryptocurrency.

  • You can also transfer/receive any amount of your wallet to/from a third party bank. A minimum amount of $10 is required and a fee by the wallet provider applies.

  • You control the data that you provide in your profile and that DISEO collects about you to improve your feed and your ability to earn income.

  • Search for people and organizations of your choice. Connect to people or follow them or follow organizations and their subprofiles (brands, products, locations, etc).

  • What you follow appears in your personal feed (“My Feed”). “Trending” uses an AI-filter to mix your personal interests with current trends. “Recommended” uses an AI-filter to find content that might be of special interest for you (AI = Artificial Intelligence).

  • Chat with other users or call them. However, you must first send a connect invite. Only after confirmation you can send messages or call them. You can revoke a permission any time.

  • You can define that only verified users may invite you to connect. Unverified persons receive a messages that they should first verify their profile.

  • You can also exclude content of unverified persons or organizations in your Feed or Search.

  • DISEO uses three indices: Activity index, Trust index, Social index. They influence visibility of profiles and contributions.

  • Activity index indicates how active a user is on the platform. Daily return to the platform, interact with other users, create many posts or other contributions which create many followers and receive many likes to increase your activity index. A high activity index increased your visibility.

  • Trust index indicates how much a user is trusted by other users. Spam, uncool behaviour, hate speech, fake news may reduce your Trust index. Friendly, supportive, informative, trustworthy actions and posts may increase your trust index. A high trust index increases your visibility.

  • Social index indicates how much a user cares about sustainability and social support. Expressing or demonstrating low sustainability or social commitment may reduce your social index. Support, volunteering, donations to sustainable or social activities and projects may increase your social index. A high social index increases your recognition.

My Data. My Choice.

We believe that data rights are human rights. We believe in data privacy and choice. We believe that online should be no different from offline and that people should control their digital personality. We believe in fair revenue share from data.

We thrive to build a decentralized. neutral. ethical. fair. democratic. trusted. secure. innovative. leading. social media ecosystem.



Do you have high ethical values? Do you like what we aim to achieve? Would you like to work in an open atmosphere where you can create an impact with your skills? This sounds like you should join our team. We seek to expand our team from people all over the world, as diverse as possible. Your compensation will be in shares of the company. We aim to list the shares at one of the new digital security exchanges. Then you can sell the shares at your discretion.

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As a business partner you open business opportunities for DISEO. In particular you show the value an the the impact to large communities, such that they can operate their own social platform powered by DISEO and sharing the values of DISEO. This enriches the value for the users as well as the value for the community, since both benefits by keeping control on their assets. You will receive a revenue share for your efforts.

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A rover is a person from anywhere in the world who has been approved by us to execute jobs (gigs) as a freelancer. We will publish such gigs with the skills needed to complete and you can choose among the available gigs the ones you like to work on and and to create some extra income. Compensation will be made in share-equivalents of the company. You will be able to cash out as soon as the share of the company are listed at a new digital security exchange.

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Do you share our values and believes? Would you like to help us spreading them in the world – helping to make our world to become a better place? You can apply to become ambassador of your city. As such you promote DISEO in business, sports, society, politics, commerce, charity, philanthropy, wherever ethical social networking is needed. You will receive share-equivalents of the company that you can cash out when the company is listed.

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