Consumer Power to Drive Sustainability

Giving consumers a voice to rate businesses by credibility and sustainability

A growing population on this planet requires a careful use of available resources. Politics often follows the opinion of powerful lobbies which seek to protect established structures. However, without significant changes of structures and behavior, sustainability goals can unlikely be achieved. It’s time to act. But action needs to be measured and made available. Consumers need information to support their purchase decisions.

The social index of DISEO is a composite of user ratings, ratings of agencies and demonstrated efforts. It reflects how sustainable people and organizations are. This gives consumers the power to support good actors and to ignore bad actors. This creates a public pressure on bad actors to improve their sustainability efforts. This enables consumers to drive sustainability with their purchase power independent of politics.

Social Index

The social index indicates how much a profile owner such as a company cares about sustainability. You can use this information for your purchase decision whether you wish to purchase from this company or not. 

  • Rate a profile via trust index.

  • Sort search lists by rating.

  • Hide profiles with low ratings.

  • Recommend products with high ratings.

  • Buy products with high ratings.

  • Support profiles with high ratings.

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