Similar to the smartphone, Social Media has completely changed our daily live. Young people who have grown up with Social Media practise a different level of brand engagement than others.

Social Media connects people and enables them to communicate anytime and anywhere. However, this convenience also has a downside. Users pay for such services by providing their data which is collected in big masses and is used without users’ knowledge and income.


Smartphone users

Earning from Social Media. How does it work?

Instead of advertisers to pay the platform we enable advertisers to directly pay the users for paying attention to their promotion. This has the benefit that real users have a real interest to engage with brands. This brings Social Media to the next level by enabling and supporting a deep engagement of users.

With such a system as introduced by DISEO not only users and brands as advertisers benefit but also all enablers supporting the process. This includes the community which operates the Social Media platform and covers the operational costs. Therefore, community owners receive a revenue share of advertisers’ payment.

DISEO value model

In the DISEO system, not only users and their communities are compensated for granting access and for engagement but also all enablers who support users and communities to maximize their income. Enablers are awarded for sharing posts, for making recommendations and testimonials, for helping brands to increase their sales.

Example: FB Annual Revenues per User

Control Your Future!

DISEO will enable users, communities and advertisers to control their future by making people to take back full ownership of their digital personality such that they can both control it and profit from it.

To achieve this, DISEO offers a data privacy and control which goes beyond any legal requirement introducing the Swiss Data Secrecy. No advertiser, no media agency, no data collector has access to user data without users’ consent and users’ agreement.  Our promise is to protect user data with our best effort according to best possible encryption practises.