On 25 June 2019 DISEO Group was incorporated in Zug – Switzerland as a spin off Swiss Innovation Partners, a business accelerator for digital media.

DISEO provides communities their own customized white label Social Media Platform and interconnects these autonomous platforms to one large decentralized global ecosystem. Its revolutionary approach leads Social Media to the next level.

DISEO office

Revolutionizing Social Media

DISEO is devoted to revolutionizing social media by protecting the user data, transferring control to communities and their users and redirecting the revenue streams. Instead of advertisers to pay for the huge platforms for accessing users, they will just pay them to gain their attention. For each consented use of data, the advertiser directly pays the user into an instant blockchain based payment transaction – fully automated, peer-to-peer directly from the wallet of the advertiser to the wallet of the user.

In contrast to incumbent platforms, DISEO does not want to create a central platform for the users but wants to operate a myriad of community platforms, each with specific community features, all of them interconnected with the ability to create multiple profiles for different purposes unique digital identity. This creates an ecosystem with balanced benefits for all participants: users – communities – advertisers.

Ready To Go

The platform has been fully developed with its core functionality in an effort of several years. Blockchain is currently being added to secure trusted immutable payment transactions supporting micro-payments. First communities have registered their own fully autonomous community social media platform. The public launch is expected for the end of August 2019.